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A Little bit about Esther. (Me)

I'm passionate about my work.  Yoga came along at a time in my life when i needed it and i jumped in head first.  My background in Dance and Fitness helped me extensively with the Asana but it was through teaching i really started to learn and deepen my own practice.  I am now classed as a Senior teacher with Yoga Alliance having been teaching since 2010 and i love every class that i teach.  (i equally love all my students). 

I came to Breathwork, Coaching and Embodiment later.  These practices helped me overcome PTSD  and Addiction and became part of my daily practice to navigate life's complexities.  

I live what i teach and i continue to learn and grow every day.  What i teach, wether through my Yoga classes or Coaching is from the heart and from experience.  A colourful life teaches you many lessons and its my calling to share those and hopefully help other people navigate their own lives with a little more peace and joy.  

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"I did Esther's somatic embodiment course and I learnt SO much about different ways of breathing, and how to use movement to release stuck trauma. I had some profound visualisations and releases. I found her approach really straightforward, informative and inclusive. A really nice balance of theory and understanding of the background, grounded in deep knowledge, combined with practices where we were really held in a beautiful safe space to drop in and heal. Thank you Esther. I would recommend this course to everyone who needs more peace, love and calm in their lives!


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