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Welcome to Today is Awesome Yoga.   

Ive been teaching since 2010 and my work is my passion.  Yoga helped me through some very difficult times and its my hope to offer some of the Awesome Physical and Mental benefits to you.  

I am trained in Hatha, Restorative, Yin yoga and meditation as well as Vinyasa flow, Tapasya hot yoga with Triyoga London and Y12SR specifically for healing trauma with a 12 step recovery journey. I also practice Reiki level 1 & 2.

I came to Yoga to help myself, I trained to teach so I could help other people.

My aim is to help you free up space in your body and in turn your mind.  As we go though life we collect 'stuff', Injuries, stress, trauma.  All of which we hold in the tissues of the body.  Through our Yoga practice we can start to explore this stuff in a safe environment so as to eventually release it from our healthy minds and capable bodies.  Of course we can get more technical but we really don't need to.  We just need to acknowledge to importance of self care and begin to apply it. 

Hopefully thats where I can help. x