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Welcome to Today is Awesome Yoga.   

I don't like this bit, writing about myself so i'll try a brief introduction. 


This is me, pictured above, post Surf.  Something i'm terrible at but i love being in the sea.

Ive been teaching since 2010 and my work is my passion.  It's seen me through some pretty rough times.  It was actually my yoga practice going on behind the scenes that pulled me out of some of the darkest places iv'e been.  

My yoga kept me connected to the true me.  The one i had lost through all of life's bullshit (for want of a better word). I didn't understand how or why it worked i just knew it did and it was then i knew i had to go deeper.  

The deeper i went the more i uncovered and the happier i became, its that simple.  For once i found something that worked for me.  Chanting helped me find my voice, Meditation helped me find guidance and Asana helped me learn to listen to the wisdom my body holds. You could call it magic. 

Officially i am trained in Hatha, Restorative, Yin yoga and meditation as well as Vinyasa flow, Tapasya hot yoga with Triyoga London and Y12SR specifically for healing trauma with a 12 step recovery journey. I also practice Reiki level 1 & 2 and Pranic healing.  In reality im a student of it all, i walk with my eyes and heart open to learn every day.

​Maybe you'd like to join me for a leg of your journey xx