A little introduction.

This is me, Esther. Fresh out the sea and generally very happy.

I’m not the most confident person but my friend's will probably tell you otherwise.

I have my hang ups and a not so delightfully colourful past, but most of all I have my life experiences and they led me here.

I’m a single parent to a grown-up boy/man.

I’m a Yoga teacher/student.

I’m in recovery for addiction. (not a label i wear proudly but i'm not ashamed)

I’ve overcome PTSD and various labels of mental health issues.

I’m a van dwelling nomad by design. (i love it)

I’m a meditator.

I’m a surfer, not a very good one but I have a lot of fun learning.

I’m no writer, I can’t claim to be, but I write from the heart as much for myself as for anyone else to read.

There’s little point sitting listing all the labels I can come up with to describe myself as I certainly don’t fit in any box, do any of us? Most importantly I’m an imperfect human trying my best.

I write to clear my head, sometimes its utter garbage and seems like a total waste of time but sometimes as I type away on my laptop it all starts to make sense. Despite years of facing and befriending my demons they still play up from time to time, only now I know how to handle them and I hope to share some of this here.

I practice kindness, to myself and to other people, (though I still get it wrong I know.)

Love is my religion that’s a fact and my spiritual practice is my life.

The rest will unfold as I blurt out my thoughts through the upcoming posts. Some may resonate some may aggravate but I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on the words you read.

Happy reading. xx

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