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A few kind words from some lovely people. 

"I did Esther's somatic embodiment course and I learnt SO much about different ways of breathing, and how to use movement to release stuck trauma. I had some profound visualisations and releases. I found her approach really straightforward, informative and inclusive. A really nice balance of theory and understanding of the background, grounded in deep knowledge, combined with practices where we were really held in a beautiful safe space to drop in and heal. Thank you Esther. I would recommend this course to everyone who needs more peace, love and calm in their lives!


"I have been practising yoga at home for years, as after leaving London I couldn't find a class I liked. Someone recommended Esther's class and I am now totally hooked. The classes are inspiring and challenging and each class is different and very personalised. I came away from my first class feeling on such a high."


Wild Women


Obviously I’ve ‘come down’ but it has given me so much, exponentially more than words can describe, and I have a lot of growth and learning to do onwards. 

You are an inspiration, an amazing woman, I love your stories, the way you reveal those parts of your life journey to us, it’s very humbling and your energy is infectious in all the good ways. 

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, and I am even debating cancelling it, as what felt insurmountable last week has changed that much in just a couple of days of having space held for me. 

I can only say that your space is beautiful, and I appreciate every bit of what you offer to us. 


'I love Esther's classes, they give me exactly what I want in terms of strengthening my body and relaxing my mind.  Her instruction is excellent, her explanation of the poses is really clear; it makes Yoga so accessible.  Having been a runner for years, I'm now a complete convert to Yoga.'


Esther is a wonderful teacher. Her passion and skill shine through her classes, offering both a challenging and supported environment to learn and grow. She is a resident yoga teacher at the Mind Body and Soul area at Noisily Festival, and can testify her professionalism - she is a joy to work with. She holds space beautifully and her retreats in beautiful Dorset are simply magic.’

Florence Cannon - Mind Body Soul Co-ordinator @ Noisily Festival. 

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